PAÑELLA Contacting Online?

If you have any question whose answer you do not find on our website please send an e-mail to info@panellashoes.com at any time.
Our team will try to solve your questions as soon as possible.

looking for a specific product ...

You can find any product on our website looking for designer or category. In case you can not find what you want, do not hesitate to contact us and we'll help.

not know my size ...

When you order (or if you look at the detailed description of an article) find a size guide to the different international sizes.

How to know if you have stock of what you ask?

I saw an article yesterday on the page and today is ... I can get yet? Article? All items you see in PAÑELLA Online are available.
Still, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from Online PAÑELLA team once you check your order to inform you of the availability of the product, since it is possible that during your purchase also is sold in one of our physical stores.

What forms of payment do you accept PAÑELLA Online?

We accept various forms of payment: credit card Express or CIP code secure payment through La Caixa. Also, PayPal. All have a secure system that protects your data for safety of our customers.

Is it safe to pay by credit card through PAÑELLA Online?

Yes data is encrypted by SSL technology (the same used by banks electronic banking).
Under no circumstances PAÑELLA Online staff can view or save the data of credit cards.

How I can know if you have taken into account my order?

When you order you will receive an e-mail confirmation from PAÑELLA Online team. Once accepted your payment, your data checked and tested items in stock, your order will be placed for shipment immediately.
If any product fails to take stock, you will be informed of this situation.

How long will my order?

The order will be processed once:
-The payment is approved
-The delivery address and all data is correct
The normal delivery is 24-48 hours from the order date. These times are average and therefore an estimate. Therefore, it may vary depending on the area in which you are, for logistical reasons or force majeure.

I want my private personal data ...

All information you share with PAÑELLA Online are completely private and confidential. We will not use your personal data without your prior permission (see Privacy Policy section). To register for Online PAÑELLA need your name, address, e-mail and phone. In order to process your order via your credit card will also need your billing address, the delivery, telephone, credit card number, date of expiration, CVC code and CIP (depending on payment).

My package is insured?

Online PAÑELLA ensures your package against theft and damage. Once the package is delivered and signed, the merchandise is no longer provided, and is at your own risk.

What appears on my invoice price, the original price of the item or the price with the discount included?

All discounts appear next to the original selling price and in detail on our invoices. If you are outside the EU will see the prices without taxes. Each country applies its own taxes once your package reaches customs.